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Artic Frostbite is a Power-type Monstraid.


Frostbite resemblances a prehistoric, lizard-like creature. It has five, sharp fins on its back as well as having

Battle Details[]

Battle Type Power
Element Water

Battle Stats[]

  • Attack: 5
  • Defense: 6
  • Power: 8
  • Stamina: 6
  • Speed: 5

Powerful Attacks[]

  • Freeze Blast
  • Tundra Spikes
  • Blizzard Howl


  • Artic Frostbite is one of Jayden Storms's signature Monstraids, the first is Storm Sasquqrd and the second is Heatmars.
  • Frostbite is the only Water-elemental Monstraid to have Ice abilities.