The Blazer's Challenge! is the third episode of Monstraid: Battle Raiders.


After making friends with his new rival and friend Shane Hawk, the two decide to head to the Raider-Brink to heal their Monstraids. While there, they meet a girl by the name of Dawn Torio, who examines their Monstraids and see that they have battled alot despite their first battle.

Jayden then tells her that he won because of spirit and courage, which Shane admitted he had not, and is eager to become the strongest ever. But Shane tells him that he will be more strong than he is while Jayden says the same thing and ends up with them both wanting to battle again.

As they were heading toward the Battle Raider Park, the trio were stopped by a Japanese-styled Raider named Blaze Tyraga who claims that he is stronger than Jayden is and asks for a battle with him. The protagonist has no offer than to accept it.

As they begin their battle, Jayden sends out his Sasquard while Blaze sends in his Speed-type Monstraid: Furious Tygranus! Though Sasquard's attacks were striking, Tygranus is actually dodging them with increased agility and hits him back with his other attacks. With no other way out of this, Jayden then decides to end the battle early with Sasquard's signature move, Thunder Quasar, who strikes at him with electrifying power.

But Blaze grins as Tygranus jumps out of the way and grabs Sasquard's tails, spinning around until he hurls him onto the ground. With a grief of confidence in his heart, Blaze calls out a signature move: Tearing Fury Blaze, englufing Tygranus in flames and does a sommersault followed by a kick, which slams at Sasquard, defeating it and winning the battle.

With one loss, Jayden griefs over a new rival and enemy as Blaze walks away, waiting for another win. Jayden vows to defeat Blaze and starts training with Shane, who accepts to help out his rival.

Major EventsEdit

  • Jayden and Shane meets Dawn Torio, a Monstraid Expert.
  • Jayden meets and loses to Blaze Tygara.
  • Furious Tygranus makes his debut appearance.




  • Furious Tygranus

Raider BattlesEdit



  • Jayden Storms (Storm Sasquard) Vs Blaze Tygara (Furious Tygranus) = Winner: Blaze and Tygranus


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