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Blaze Tyraga
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Battle Raider Status
Nicknames Furious Blazer
Gender Male
Age 15
Hometown Raider City
Current Monstraids Furious Tygranus
Occupation Battle Raider
Status Alive
Character Bios
Relatives None
Friends Jayden Storms, Shane Hawk, Cole Orson, Wave Ripper
Rivals Wave Ripper, Kress Banditos
Enemies N/A

Blaze Tyraga is one of the main protagonists of the Monstraid: Battle Raiders series. His signature Monstraid is Furious Tygranus.


Blaze has spiky black hair which is shaped like a fireball, and has maroon eyes with tiger-like pupils to match his signature Monstraid.

Blaze wears a hot-red jacket with a gray hood and a yellow zipper, plus the sleeves are rolled up to his shoulders under a green shirt and has a fireball necklace. He wears brown cargo pants with black straps hanging from them, and has green sneakers with red-colored toes. He also has fingerless gloves that are orange.


Blaze is an impulsive and rather timid person who likes to fight aggressively in order to have his Tygranus unleash all its "blazing power" at once. When he almost loses, he growls angrily and roars like a ferocious tiger does.

When not battling, he supports his friends and rivals by believing in them and starts a friendly/aggressive rivalry with them, with the exception of Jayden.



  • Furious Tygranus — Blaze's Signature Monstraid, a Speed-type, Fire-elemental Monstraid that appears in Episode 3.
    • Blaze Tygranus — Blaze's Evolved Monstraid.

Raider Battles[]

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  • Blaze may be Japanese because his last name sounds like it.