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Cole Orson
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Battle Raider Status
Nicknames The Fissure Youth
Gender Male
Age 13
Hometown Raider City
Current Monstraids Earth Terrax
Occupation Advanced Raider
Status Alive
Character Bios
Relatives Kevin Orson (father)

Mary Orson (mother)

Friends Jayden Storms, Ryan Hawk, Blaze Tyraga, Wave Ripper, Dawn Torio
Rivals Shane Hawk
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Cole Orson is one of the main protagonists of Monstraid: Battle Raiders series. His signature Monstraid is Earth Terrax.


Cole is a 4-foot-tall, 13-year-old teenage boy with curly blond hair that hides in a brown cap on his head and has green eyes.

Cole wears a brown jacket with long-sleeves, a gray hoodie, and white straps over a blue T-shirt, has on green jeans, and white sneakers and his RaidTech is on the left side of his wrist.


Cole is a happy-go-luck individual who has a love and bond for Raider Battles.


Monstraids: Battle Raiders[]


  • Earth Terrax — Cole's signature Monstraid, a Stamina-type, Earth-elemental Monstraid.