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Furious Tygranus is a Speed-type Monstraid. It is owned by Blaze Tyraga.



Tygranus is a humanoid, Siberian tiger-like fighter. He wears a torn-sleeved black shirt with three orange tiger stripes on the sides and has bandages wrapped around his arms and legs as well as his tail. He also has flaming hair that streams when he is battling. He also has a golden martial arts belt with a flame pattern on the buckle.

Battle Details[]


Battle Type Speed
Element Fire


  • Attack: 6
  • Defense: 4
  • Power: 5
  • Stamina: 4
  • Speed: 7

Powerful Attacks[]

  • Blazing Fang Claw: Tygranus's first Battle Attack used in episode 3. He used this to cause damage on Storm Sasquard by weakening it.
  • Roaring Fire Stream Blazer: Tygranus's second Battle Attack that was used in BR010 against Bandit Crawdozer.