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Jayden Storms
File:Placeholder person.png
Battle Raider Status
Nicknames Raider of Thunder
Gender Male
Age 13
Hometown Raider City
Current Monstraids Storm Sasquard

Seismic Heatmars

Artic Frostbite

Occupation Battle Raider
Status Alive
Character Bios
Relatives Connor Storms (father)
Friends Shane Hawk, Dawn Torio, Cole Orson, Wave Ripper
Rivals Shane Hawk, Wave Ripper, Vincent Lancelot
Enemies N/A

Jayden Storms is the main protagonist of the Monstraid: Battle Raiders series. His Monstraid is Storm Sasquard.

Physical Appearance

Jayden has brown, curly hair with thunderbolt-like highlights on the sides of his forehead and has a black headband with a lightningbolt on the center, and has bright, yellow eyes.

Jayden wears a sleeveless, maroon jacket with a neck-length collar, and black thunderbolts going downward on the sides over a yellow tee shirt with sleeves that reaches only his elbows and has black stripes on the sides. He also wears a brown belt over light-brown cargo pants with the pockets near his knees, wears sneakers, and has blue fingerless gloves.


Jayden Storms is an extremely courageous, determined, and strongly-fearless individual who never gives up when the battles he has are a lot tougher than it seems. He also has faith in his friends and rivals even though they see differently.

On some occassions, he may be known as hot-headed and impatient when he sees a battle that he isn't in or has a habit of challenging opponents who had defeated.


Monstraid: Battle Raiders

Jayden arrives in Battle Raiders City where he enters a tournament because he is interested in challenging strong opponents. Using his favorite Monstraid, Storm Sasquard, he is able to enter the final round where he is challenged by a new challenger named Shiro Rayne, who is known to the city as the strongest Battle Raider, decides to challenge him.

During his battle, he is overwhelmed by Shane's Brave Hawkzant who demonstrates incredible battle power while using strong defensive styles, but uses the combined power of him and Sasquard, creating their new signature move, Thunder Quasar, and defeats Hawkzant, winning the battle and becoming both a friend and rival to Shiro, now interested in his battle style.


Monstraid: Battle Raiders

  • Storm Sasquard — Jayden's signature Monstraid that appears in Monstraids: Battle Raiders. It is a powerful Thunder elemental, Attack-type Monstraid with powerful strength and speed. It is the first Monstraid that Jayden had recieved from his father.
  • Seismic Heatmars — Jayden's second signature Monstraid that he recieves in Monstraids: Battle Raiders. It is a Power-type, Fire-elemental Monstraid with powerful defense and energy bursts.
  • Artic Frostbite — Jayden's third signature Monstraid and his second Power-type in Monstraids: Battle Raiders. It is known as his prime Monstraid because of its ability to use "ice" abilities instead of pure water energy.

Launcher Gear

Jayden's launcer is yellow with red highlights and has sharp jaw-like triangles on the sides. The launcher pad is also white as well.

Raider Battles

Opponent(s) Episode Outcome
Shane Hawk BR002 Wins


  • Jayden is the only main character to have his last name being the same as his Monstraid's name, Storm Sasquard.
  • Jayden is so far the only main character to have three signature Monstraids: Storm Sasquard, Seismic Heatmars, and Artic Frostbite.