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Razor Falco is a recurring character that appears in Monstraids: Battle Raiders series. He is a quick-witted and determined ace who uses his Cross Nightfury to deal critical-hit damage on opponents.


Razor has spiky black hair with a red highlight shaped like a falcon's beak that covers his left eye and has dark purple eyes.

He wears a sleeveless purple shirt with a white scarf and a falcon-like necklace under a black jacket with pockets and has crystal buttons on the left side of the jacket, talon-like markings on the right side, and has raggedy fingerless gloves. He also wears bright black pants with a chain on the left side and wears traveler's shoes.


Razor is somewhat quick-witted and determined to defeat any opponent who dosen't react to birds like ravens and crows, making him a threat to every battler.


Razor first appeared in The Dark Raven Rises, where he challenges Jayden Storms to a battle to prove that he could become stronger than Shane Hawk since he claims him as his ultimate rival. During the battle, his Nightfury fights well, but is defeated by Sasquard's Thunder Swords and Lightning Drive Storm attacks.



  • Razor is the first recurring character to be an Ace.
  • Razor's name is considered on the play "Razor" meaning sharp, and "Falco" meaning Falcon for short.