Russell Drake is a recurring character that appears in Monstraids: Battle Raiders. He is a cruel and intimidating Raider who fights violently with Earth Acrodrake.


Russell is described as a character from the west(Mainly Texas) with shaggy, dark-brown hair that is hidden by his cowboy hat and chews on a piece of celery. He also has dark eyes which has no pupils inside which means he can be cruel and devious.

Russell wears a black V-neck short-sleeved shirt under a torn-up brown leather jacket which is always open to show off his biceps which can be seen, has on blue tattered jeans with a hole near his knees and has on western-style boots.


Russell is described as the cruel leader of the Rock-Head Crushers, being able to find many ways to trick his opponents and likes to defeat them easily.


Russell appears in BR012 where he and his gang interrupt Jayden and Cole's training battle for the Raider Storm tournament coming up and is eagered to challenge him. He shows up to claim that Jayden only became stronger and famous was because his Storm Sasquard plays too weakly, which angered Jayden.

After a long battle he gained an advantage until his Earth Acrodrake was stopped by Thunder Swords and is later defeated by a powerful Thunder Quasar, making Russell lose the battle.


Raider Battles

Opponents Episode Result
Jayden Storms BR012 Lose


  • Russell was nicknamed after American actor Russell Crowe.
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