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Shane Hawk
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Battle Raider Status
Nicknames Storm Ace
Gender Male
Age 16
Hometown Raider City
Current Monstraids Brave Hawkzant

Torrent Aquaraid

Occupation Advanced Battle Raider
Status Alive
Character Bios
Relatives None
Friends Jayden Storms, Blaze Tyraga, Cole Orson, Dawn Torio
Rivals Jayden Storms, Razor Falco, Leon Brink
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Shane Hawk is one of the main protagonists of the Monstraids: Battle Raiders series. His signature Monstraid is Brave Hawkzant.

Physical Appearance[]

Shane has a lighter skin tone and curly eyebrows. His black hair slightly covers his face and has a "spiky" design while his eyes are a deep shade of sky blue.

Shane wears a V-shaped collared pitch-black shirt under a long, jade-green overcoat with the sleeves rolled up to his forearms, and has a neck-length collar. He also wears black trousers that are covered by his brown hiking boots. He also has brown fingerless gloves.


Shane is a quiet, calm, and serious individual who keeps his emotions to himself. He never gets along with anyone or shows any signs of happiness until he was defeated by Jayden, who he had decided to remain friends with, even after becoming main rivals.

When in a battle, Shane uses a strong technique and combative judgment. He claims to train skillfully to advance his and Hawkzant's battle skills to become number one.


Monstraid: Battle Raiders[]


  • Brave Hawkzant — Shane's current Monstraid, a Defense-type, Wind-elemental Monstraid based on a humanoid hawk. He first appears in Episode 2 where he battles Storm Sasquard and loses.
  • Torrent Aquaraid — Shane's second signature Monstraid. It is a Speed-type, Water-elemental Monstraid based on a warrior version of Aquarius, one of the Zodiac signs.

Raider Battles[]

Opponent Episode Result
Jayden Storms BR002 Lose


  • Shane's last name is the same as a hawk, which is what his Monstraid is based on.