Cross Nightfury is a Speed-type Monstraid.



Nightfury resemblances a cross between a humanoid raven and crow with a black body color while his beak and talon-like hands and feet are a dark shade of violet. He has metal braces on his wrists and ankles which extends out two cross-shaped blades on them. Nightfury also wears purple metal chest armor, shoulder/knee armor, has a three-feathered tail, a two-feathered one on his forehead, and his wings are also sharp and jagged, but are similar to Brave Hawkzant's.

Battle DataEdit


Battle Type Speed
Element Darkness


  • Attack: 4
  • Defense: 5
  • Power: 4
  • Stamina: 5
  • Speed: 6

Powerful AttacksEdit

  • Shadow Tornado
  • Dark Fury Claw


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