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Storm Sasquard is an Attack-type Monstraid.



Sasquard is a very slim, muscular-built yellow or orange Sasquatch-like creature with bright yellow fur and large, black hands and feet that has three fingers and three metal bolts on his knuckles. He has a large thunderbolt-shaped horn on his head, has four black electric bolts on his chest, two on his back, and one on the sides below his face. He also wears black underpants with two lightningbolts on them being held by a yellow belt with a bolt-marked insignia on the center. He also has two long, black tails with thunderbolt-shaped blades on the tips.

Battle Details[]


Battle Type Attack
Element Thunder

Battle Attributes[]

  • Attack: 158
  • Defense: 135
  • Power: 151
  • Stamina: 124
  • Speed: 143

Monstraid Attacks[]

  • Storm Shocker
  • Thunder Quasar
  • Electric Smash
  • Lightning Sword
  • Thunder Force Driver


  • Sasquard's appearance is based on Electivire from Pokemon and Shocksquatch from Ben 10.
  • Sasquard is the only Attack-type to have the Thunder Element.