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Team Storm Shocker is the original team in Monstraids: Battle Raiders.

It is the team that is comprized of Jayden Storms, Shane Hawk, Blaze Tygara, Cole Orson, Wave Ripper, while in Battle Raider City.

Known Members[]

  • Jayden Storms - Storm Sasquard: Jayden is the original leader and creator of the team. He is described as a fearless and courageous Battle Raider who fights with his Storm Sasquard all the time. During battle, he defeats any opponent using his battle spirit and the faith from his teammates.
  • Shane Hawk - Brave Hawkzant: Shane is a confident and serious individual and is one of the best Raiders in town. After losing to Jayden, he decides to become a large part of the team, using his quick and impressive battle skills to defeat storng opponents when necessary.
  • Blaze Tyraga - Furious Tygranus: Known as the Blazer of Fury, he is the friendly and determined member of the team who likes to fight using his abilities of his Tygranus's "blazing power", but also wants to defeat Jayden and Shane to aim the title of Battle Raider master. At times he can get along with everyone.
  • Cole Orson - Earth Terrax: Cole is a young and ambitious Raider who has become Jayden's #1 Fan and is eagered to follow him through a new era. He is a known battle genius being able to use his special abilities to enhance his Monstraids' attack power and uses strong tactics to aid his friends into victory.
  • Wave Ripper - Guardian Riverwave: Wave is a fierce and arrogant individual who likes to causes serious damage when making powerful tsunami/whirlpool-based attacks on his enemies during battle. He also has a habit of striking at his opponent in order to make a challenge and fights with destructive force.