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Vicktor Lancelot is a recurring character that appears in Monstraids: Battle Raiders. He is described as the Invincible Dragon Emperor and mysterious Battle Raider who gained possession of the Reverse Mode, Dark-elemental Phantom Breaker Draco.


Vicktor has long, black hair with red and pruple highlights covering his ears and are wavy on the top, which extends to his neck and has red eyes. He also has a dragon-shaped tatoo under his right eye which he claims makes him intimidating and very powerful.

He wears a long, white cloak-like jacket with a red dragon-shaped line on the left side of his chest, has long sleeves that end near his wrists, and the inside of his jacket is white and red. He also wears a black shirt underneath with gold buttons going downward and also has a V-shaped neck. He also wears a dragon-based belt over his black jeans with dragon-shaped marks on both sides and also has golden, thunderbolt-shaped diamonds lined on it as well and wears classic black snoes.


Vicktor is a cold-hearted, emotionless, and determined character.