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Wave Ripper
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Battle Raider Status
Nicknames The Riptide Reaper
Gender Male
Age 17
Hometown Raider City
Current Monstraids Guardian Riverwake
Occupation Advanced Raider
Status Alive
Character Bios
Relatives None
Friends Shane Hawk, Cole Orson
Rivals Jayden Storms, Blaze Tyraga
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Wave Ripper is one of the main protagonists of the Monstraids: Battle Raiders series. His signature Monstraid is Guardian Riverwave.


Wave is a tall, slightly muscular-built, and tan-skinned individual with spiky blue hair, storming gray eyes.

Wave wears a long, light-blue jacket with the sleeves up to his elbows over a sleeveless sea-green shirt with a V-neck collar, blue lines, and has a seashell necklace over his neck. He also wears a turquoise belt over tight purple jeans with turquoise zippers on the sides and wears black loafers.


Wave is a cocky, arrogant, and powerful character who dislikes having to battle opponents that are not equal to his strength, defeating them in less than one second.




  • Guardian Riverwave — Wave's Signature Monstraid, a Power-type, Water-elemental Monstraid.
    • Sapphire Riverwake — Wave's Elemental Monstraid version of his Riverwake.
    • Typhoon Riverwake — Wave's Evolved Signature Monstraid.

Raider Battles[]